Sunday, September 13, 2009

Out of control post!

Today we went out in the woods so my husband could set up his tree stand for bow hunting. Here he is in his tree stand!

E set up this shot. She decided where she would sit and requested black and white, so this was actually shot in black and white (I usually do that with photoshop) Once again she just happened to be wearing her favorite "peace, love, bananas" shirt!

Here's one of M looking innocent!

More mushrooms!

Just a general shot of the woods.

I'm not sure what these are. Does anyone know? W found them and thought they would be great for a photo. The really are this's not just the processing.

Here he ("I") is looking at some onions in the grainery. I really like the lighting and the floor.


A huge spider web! It's really facinating to me the spiders can make something like this!
I guess I went a little overboard today.....and this is just a few of them!


Eric said...

haha, good to enjoy the camera ;)

Big spider web, but no spider? That would have been nice to see, hahaha

Sandra said...

Is in it fun when you're just in the "zone?" Nice set of pictures.
Funny how are children are now dictating where and how to take their pictures. Well, it's better than not wanting to take pictures at all.
Don't know what those berries are, interesting spider web.

snaphappee said...

Great photos! I love that one of the berries because the contrast of drab, dead leaves/sticks, and the bright red berries.

Tess said...

Love these! You aren't overboard! Did you SEE my post?! LMAO!
That spiderweb is awesome!