Thursday, July 16, 2009


The asparagus plant is in bloom!! My husband has had this plant for at least 8 years. He bought it to spruce up his bachelor pad when we were dating, lol! We actually found it in a photo taken in his apartment. Getting this to bloom has been a long term goal of his. He was SO excited!! Here it is. The first 2 images are the same photo and the 3rd to show it's size. It went through a rough stage a few years ago when it was in our kitchen and not getting enough sunlight. I wanted to get rid of it at the time....glad we didn't. :)





Certified National Landscape Professional said...

Ten years working in the plant business and I don't remember seeing an asparagus fern (sprengeri) bloom!

EtudeinLight said...

OOOhh~ beautiful plant really and what a special history. I like the lighting and composition in the first picture a lot.

snaphappee said...

It looks like a very happy fern!