Tuesday, June 23, 2009


These are strawberries from a roadside stand. They didn't last long at all and the funny part is that I think I only had one!! The kids loved them. :)


It was so foggy this morning and this caught my eye! I had to run home to get my camera, hoping it would still be like this when I got back!

This is photo that I've wanted to take for months but it just hadn't worked out until today. The water isn't always that still. I tried it with my 50mm didn't have a wide enough angle so I had to go home for a different lens and then come back, so two trips back home!! Maybe next time I'll just be prepared from the start! haha


EtudeinLight said...

Yummy! We're not even close to local strawberries yet. I like the NSP building in summer too. Although the winter shot I really admire.

Eric L said...

Mmmmm, strawberries! And that's an awesome lake shot!

Tess said...

YUMMY! These are all GREAT pics! Wow!

Sandra said...

A, what awesome images! Great subject and awesome PPing.