Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 83.

My husband is home this week so things are more busy than usual. Today I made "Pasta alla Marlboro Man" from Pioneer Woman. It was really good! Sandra, I'm glad you got me looking at the recipes on there!

We are also building a bed for my son. Here he is sanding his own bed post! I'm sure I'll be posting more of this project later.


Tess said...

That looks yummy!!!

Sandra said...

It does look good. I love her site!
And I cannot wait to see the progress on that bed.

EtudeinLight said...

I regularily look at her site too and this picture looks just like the one on her site, you must have followed it to a 'T'! (speaking of Pioneer Woman, something doesn't quite add up with all of her projects, 4 homeschooled kids and a huge ranch. A single woman in an apt in the city could hardly keep up with that web site! I think there are in fact pioneer women. Anyways, its a cool site and she's a great photographer, and Photoshopper.

Like the pictures! I is getting big-so big he's using power tools! Wow.

Eric L said...

Great looking meal!

Looks like you got your own little craftsman right there, way to raise him right ;)