Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 56.

We did it!! Yesterday I didn't turn on my computer and my son didn't watch any TV. It was a fun day, but by evening I was ready for a little break! I walked around and took these shots.

The snow scene you don't see on Christmas cards. ;)

The sun was still out for the moon shot but it worked out ok because I was able to use a faster shutter speed.



By the time I took the last two, it was getting dark, so they are VERY grainy, which I don't mind to much in these, I just really don't like noise in people portraits.


snaphappee said...

I had to laugh at the snow scene you don't see on Christmas cards. THat's what ours looks like too. That moon one is great!

Sandra said...

The "snow" scene I thought it was sand! LOL
The moon is gorgeous as are the other 2 images. Great job Amanda

Julie Trout said...

I have to agree with the snow scene...that is what ours is starting to look like too!

Great photos...sure wish I had your talent for photography!

Tess said...

LOL at the snow! I really like the Moon! Great shot!

EtudeinLight said...

Hey! So glad you both held up your end of the deal-what a good deal it is too- I too took a break becuase this is self-manifesting (the more you do the more you need to do) so before long you find yourself neglecting other things (like bills and housework ;) Anyways, its all about finding a balance, right?

I love the fact you were able to get out into the 'field'. Some great shots. The snow one is good and mucky, the moon one is phenomenal (you'll have to share what settings and lens you used) and the doorway one is nice (makes me want to go through it! I don't mind grainy either- were you using a really high ISO?