Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday {Aperture}



I'm not usually one to do quotes, but I thought this photo needed a little something extra. I'm a little confused as to what Henry meant. Does he mean your hair won't gray if you sleep in and/or don't disturb things like dew? Does he mean that you won't live long if you don't get up early? I'm not really sure.... What do you think? Also, is it ok to quote like this on a photo as long as you credit the source? I'm really not sure of the rules with this. If you think I'm infringing , please let me know so I can take it down. Thanks for looking! :)

EDIT TO ADD: (8:52 central)
I found another quote that I like better for this photo. :)


Jack said...

That is a confusing quote. Maybe he meant for it to purposely be vauge so you can interpret it anyway you want? Nice shots! I love playing with Aperture!

snaphappee said...

Beautiful photos! I like your first interpretation of the first quote - sleep in and you'll never go gray! But I do like the second quote (although I like the first font better).

Funny thing about the second quote - I said something very similar to that on my family blog (http://scrivnerburg.blogspot.com) today!

Sandra said...

Nice photos.

Mom said...

I think it means you'll live longer if you're out and about early.