Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big update! I have photoshop again! :)

It finally did it!! I took this long exposure shot tonight. It was light enough for me to focus but just barely. My settings were f-stop 10, shutter speed 25 seconds, ISO 1000, focal length 55mm. It was fun and I can't wait to try it again!


We had a beauiful frost earlier this week. Here it is on the grape vine in our yard.


{about me}
well, my kids anyway
"I" celebrated his birthday this week! Unfortunately he was sick, but here is one photo of him having fun. His sisters were blowing out his candles. The reason he has a small section of cake is because I didn't want him blowing all over the cake...he had a bad cough. He's starting to feel better now.


{Monochromatic Monday}


{SOOC Sunday}
(Straight out of camera = no editing)


{Out and about}



snaphappee said...

Great catchup post! I love the photos! Good work on that long exposure. I keep meaning to work on that again, but I also keep forgetting. I love the shot of I at his party - great expressions from everyone!

RAE said...

Great photos! The birthday cake one is a good "remember this" kind of photo. Love the photo of the skates and the little hands with the clay.

I can't wait for spring and warmer weather so I can get out and practice long exposure at sunset. I never did get a great shot last yr so I'll keep trying.

Sandra said...

I'm glad you're back on. I missed your post!
Great job with the long exposure! Looks really good.
The frost on the grapevine is amazing. Great detail!
Sorry your little man was sick on his birthday - love the picture though. Great expression.
Great detail shot on the ice skates - love that one.
Perfect SOOC. Looks like out and about was fun.

Wow that was a lot of typing! LOL

The Ross Family said...

I love your photos! Thanks for putting the settings on your long shot. I am learnng and that helps alot. I love the skates shot!

EtudeinLight said...

I enjoy popping in on you blog. Some really nice photos! I like the pale luminosity of of your photos lately. Thank you for keeping me inspired as well. With a new one and online classes I've hardly snapped a shot. Hope to get back into it soon! Glad you got photoshop back. I like SOOC but when I posted them occassionaly they felt 'naked'.
In photography class, we were taught to ALWAYS list shot settings. It seems the digital age has gone away from this, but I still appreciate it and feel it gives photos context.

CapturedMomentsbyRACHEL said...

love these;) glad you are back missed seeing your beautiful work!!!!

Jennifer said...

Lovely pictures.. hope son is feeling better