Saturday, August 22, 2009

This week.


I took this shot at the Children's museum. It was fun, but not a great place to take pictures. I ended up leaving my camera at the front desk so I could do more with the kids. In this shot Maria was on the 2nd story of a 4 story structure. She did make it all the way to the top with a little help from E.


Our pears are starting to ripen!


We've had a lot of rain lately, which is good, we needed it. It was already getting pretty dark when I took this one.


I took this to get a little practice doing product shots and also to get an opinion. I'm not too sure of this purse yet. I picked it up at a thrift sale, it really caught my eye there and the price was right, but it's probably not something I would pick out in the store. Anyway, the question is, what age group do you think this purse is designed for? (not that there are set rules on that) I have a little bit of an identity crisis when it comes to this purse, lol!! :)


E wanted her picture taken today. Even though it was her idea, she wasn't able to come up with a real smile. She did pose herself and pick out the location though.
Below is a photo I took of her a few years ago with my sony point and shoot. I still really like this shot. I really didn't know much about photography at the time, so basically it was just luck! :) Same boiler pot, some of the same flowers and close to the same location.


Mom said...

I could read your comments before the pics opened. From your hesitation about the purse I was prepared for 1 1/2 inch diameter gold sequins! No need to be shy; it's more conservative than your current purse. Nice.

Mom said...

I still like that older pic of E.
I'm sure the petunia one is great photography but I want to pick off that dead blossom.
Should I comment when I'm not so negative? lol
(I've seen better of both your girls) ;)

snaphappee said...

Great photos! (And great comments from Mom!)

I LOVE that purse! I don't think it screams any particular age, and I love that it has the trendy bag style and LONG handles. I hate short-handled purses. I would SOOOOO use this purse!

Amanda said...

LOL Mom!! You mean that shot of M. isn't your all-time favorite!?

Tess said...

I have to say that I wouldn't use that purse, but then, I don't carry one anyway so my opinion shouldn't count. :D Love the pear and petunia shots. (Remember to garden a little though!) Your girls are so cute! The ones of E, watch out for that green cast from the grass. Cute pics though! :)

Sandra said...

Don't know how I missed this one but I love the purse. Age? None. Of coarse I'm not always age appropriate. LOL