Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here they are checking out the ducks at the park. More of just a snap shot, but I thought it called for a little desaturation.
The inspiration for my previous post can be found on facebook. Let me know if you want me to suggest you as a friend for her. :)


Sandra said...

Hi Amanda, this is such a cute snapshot of the kids! I love unplanned, unposed pictures. I think it needs a bit of contrast though.

EtudeinLight said...

Neat idea with the desaturated look. I like the variety, in fact it looks like some 'actions' I've seen.
Kids are cute, nice to see everyone out and enjoying summer!

EtudeinLight said...

Oh Yes..a new facebook friend would be great, esp. another photographer friend!

snaphappee said...

I love this! I love photos from the back, when you really catch them as themselves.