Monday, July 6, 2009

Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Happy 4th of July!! This first photo is one of my favorites. I took this while we were waiting for fireworks to start.
I had fun taking fireworks photos this year....not really sure what to do with them now, but it was a fun challenge!




This was friday's photo. I waited too long to take my daily photo and it was too dark outside, so the quality isn't great but I did get my daily photo in! The dirty face is the typical end of the day look for all 3 of my kids now that summer is here.
We saw lots of geese out on the lake today!


snaphappee said...

That first photo is fabulous!! I like your fireworks too! I didn't get any really great ones this year. Oh well.

Tess said...

These are AWESOME! You rocked the fireworks! I struggled this year with ours. It was really windy and I messed up my settings. :(

Sandra said...

Awesome firwork shots and what a great silhoutte picture of the kids! Great job.

EtudeinLight said...

Nice photos! Some neat firework shots and the sillou;etts at the lake is one of your best I think. Looks like a nice forth.