Saturday, May 9, 2009




The crabapple tree is almost in bloom (I like the buds better anyway) and E lost her first top tooth today, finally, after days of it being loose, so those were my subjects today. E is so excited about her tooth and the toothfairy! Hopefully it will come tonight! LOL!


Tess said...

Aw, so sweet smile! Now she can spit water through her teeth! LOL! The buds are pretty!

Grandma said...

They're both good pictures.
XOX to E! How will we get used to her with those big top teeth in front? ;)

Sandra said...

The buds are lovely - great colors.
And your little one is growing fast!

Eric L said...

Very nice blossoms!

Lol, first tooth? Always fun

Have a great Mothers Day Amanda

Brittany said...

So exciting about the lost tooth! I love the picture of the buds - they really pop against that green background. LOVELY!

snaphappee said...

Those crabapple buds are so beautiful! Congrats on the lost too, E! May you have many more such exciting days! :-)