Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, Sunday.

Here's M with her dad right after she had been teasing him that she would touch him with her syrup sticky fingers.

Here's E. She was willing to pose for a little while. My favorite shots as far as her expression were of her smiling but she was also moving around a lot and the happiest ones are out of focus.

Corn on the cob!! We all love it! I feels like summer is almost here!
I've been really falling behind with my blog lately! Hopefully I'll get back on track this week. :)


Sandra said...

I love corn on the cobb!!!
Your little one has that mischevious look - you better keep your eyes on her, LOL and your other daughter is gorgeous. She's starting to look a little older!
Glad you are back, I've missed ya.

Tess said...

I agree, the Corn shot is great! And I really like Sweet Corn on the cob. :) Cute shots of the girls. :)

Eric L said...

Awesome CotC shot! Looks so natural.

Hmmm, so, did she stick him? ;)