Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 62.


First of all, I'm not a fan of selective color, but I thought I'd try it. This is was taken today from the opposite direction as yesterday. The puddles today weren't quite as spectacular as the ground is beginning to thaw. Tomorrow I will come up with a new idea. ;)


Tess said...

I honestly didn't notice it was selective color until you said so! Shows how observant I am.

snaphappee said...

I didn't notice the selective color either! Everything around here looks that black and white right now, so I just noticed the bright splash of color in the winter scene. Nice job!

Sandra said...

Winter - it's all about the selective color LOL! I make 3 that did not notice it. Still a great image. Yesterdays didn't have the cars in it though. Still love the leading line