Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 46.


Here is my bag. I had fun adjusting my settings and flash for this. As I was editing, I realized that this would have been better with a black background, maybe next time.


Sandra said...

When it comes to bags you know you have to give us details. What kind of bag? Purse? Everyday? Why is it special to you?
Oh, the picture? LOL Very nice. I don't see any "flashy" look which means you bounced it. Right?

Keep up the good work

snaphappee said...

LOL! I was going to say almost the same thing as Sandra - don't leave us hanging like this! Does it hold makeup? Fun stuff? Do you carry it everywhere? (I carry my beautiful TJ camera bag everywhere because I love it!)

Nice job shooting that silver!

Eric L said...

Great Shot, didn't know you were practicing flash too! I should pay more attention to blogs :(

Amanda said...

Thanks for the comments, it's just a make-up bag. Late last night I was just looking around for subject for my daily photo when I saw it one my desk. Elli, your TJ bag is awesome, I still remember seeing a photo of it on your blog! Mine is a gift-with-purchase Clinique bag. :)

EtudeinLight said...

Interesting! Difficult flash capture with the sheen of the silver, but it turned out great! Personally, I'm not a bag person, I wouldn't know this from something fancy (or maybe that is something fancy?!) That lambswool backdrop is very useful I see.