Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 33.



She plays by her own rules. Here she is just moments before it all came crashing down!

Edit to include, just for you "furlong", the falling shot. ;-)



Jessica said...

LOL...whatever works! She looks like she is having a great time.

Mel said...

how adorable! I haven't played that game in FOREVER! time to go dig it out the closet!

furlong said...

Exciting! She really captures the suspense of a falling tower. Crisp image, good skin tone color! I like it all the way around! Are you hiding a version of this when its falling too?

snaphappee said...

My daughter has Jenga too, and she plays by her own rules, also. The main rule is that Kristi always wins. Great shot!

Katie said...

I LOVE Jenga!

furlong said...

***GRIN***! I really like this one too! You can just feel that tower falling!