Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 20.



I thought I'd write a little today to make things a little more interesting.
Today's post is a little experiment. The first photo was taken using my new flash. The second is with available light. I really like ambient light, but flash definitely has it's place. I'm still working on my technique for both. Both photos are of my daughter using the new easel she got from my brother for Christmas. She loves it and didn't even mind being photographed today!!


snaphappee said...

That flash one looks really good! Nice work with the flash - I'm starting to learn how to use one properly. It looks like your brother chose a great gift!

Jessica said...

They both look really good. I wish my flash pictures looked like that, I'm still learning.

Julie Trout said...


Too funny....our Jeremy got the same easel for his birthday last year! Of course, ours looks a little worse for wear!

I'm hoping that I can find a way to improve my photography skills in the next year with the project 365! And I'm also hoping I can upgrade my camera soon!

Tess said...

I really like the first one! Great job!